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First Aid Kit, circa 1966

I remembered today that I wanted to check the First Aid kit in the White Knight.  It the last thing remaining from the previous owners.  Well, being a Paramedic, I think I have a good handle on what makes up a usable First Aid kit.  I opened the box and 1966 came out!  First, the smell…..ewwwwwww!!  I had to pry most of the cardboard boxes out, they were stuck to the metal box.  I found some really interesting items, like a tin of 5grain aspirin, a shrink wrapped road flare and a bunch of dried out smelling salts!  I had a smaller kit that I tore apart and with that and what I could salvage from the kit shown, I managed to put together a decent kit.  So….if you are nearby and need medical help, consider me ready to help!!!

2014-01-16 14.51.12

This is right after I took everything out.  Most went straight to the trash, some parts were salvageable.  Paul thought maybe it would interest a collector, but the smell was enough to throw that idea out!

I know it was 1966 because it had paperwork and instruction manuals with that date on it.  That was a longgggg time ago!


2014-01-16 16.56.59   Isn’t it pretty???  And it doesn’t smell anymore.

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A shameless plug~

A little background to this plug;

My parents loved Black and White Frappes more than just about anything.  They were easy to find in Maine, just about any soda shop or lunch counter had them.  After my mom died, my dad would spend winters with me in Florida.  He found one place that had Black and White’s but it didn’t last long and he passed away before he could find more of them.   My goal now is to find them wherever I go and have one in their memory.  Well…this summer I found Black and White Frappes that my dad would love!  Yup, the now famous Wahlburgers!  This is the restaurant owned by the Wahlburg family, in the Hingham Shipyard south of Boston.  The reason it’s a shameless plug is that they have an A&E show starting next Wednesday.  It’s all about the restaurant and it should be really neat to watch.


Back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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And it changed again!

During the month, I have been following the Zero to Hero project with WordPress.  One of the days the exercise was to look at different themes.  I tried a new one, and after about 3 days I decided it wasn’t for me.  So….I changed it again, and this time I think I have it.  I also added widgets to the sidebar which I couldn’t (or didn’t know how to) do with the bright colored theme.  In writing this blog, it had to feel right or I wouldn’t want to bother writing.

I have a couple of other posts on my mind, but they will have to wait as we are preparing for my birthday trip.  I’ll be back soon!

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A New Year

Today is January 2, 2014…I have been lax in writing in the blog and I am determined to fix this.  WordPress is having a “class” called Zero to Hero in 30 days.  I will be posting things that don’t necessarily follow my theme, but for the half dozen people that read this, bear with me!  Today I will tell you a little about me and my blog.

I decided to write a blog for a few reasons;  Since we bought a motorhome, I wanted a place to share our travels and pictures and the things we did.  Facebook is just not the appropriate place, as so many people can see when we are traveling.  Safety is a huge issue for both of us. I have started following several other RVers on blogs, and have gotten wonderful ideas of places to go, things to do and remodeling to be done. 

As for me, I am a career Fire Dept Paramedic getting ready to retire in 2 years.  Paul is my significant other and between us we have 4 kids and 6 grandchildren (5 are from my kids, 1 is Paul’s daughter’s first child).  Although we live in Florida, we are both from New England, Maine for me and Massachusetts for him, and visit there every summer.  An interesting fact…Paul and I met online and have been together ever since!  “Our” baby is our little copper dog called Sasha.  She is actually Paul’s constant companion and keeps him on his toes.

The next post will be all about the curtians in the White Knight.  They are finally complete!  I promise to post pictures!

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