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Can you believe it’s been almost a year???

Guess where we are this week? (I’m actually writing this 2 weeks later) Hint:
2015-03-06 12.07.48

2015-03-03 10.48.26

Yes, we are back at Port Canaveral. We got a great deal on a 4 night stay so we thought it was time to take The White Knight back on the road. But first I should probably explain why it’s taken this long to catch up.

Back, several months ago, Florida had rain like we were all building Arks. It rained so long and so hard I actually had to dig out my LLBean boots to walk to The White Knight. Once we were able to get inside, we discovered that there was a leak in the roof and the whole inside needed to be completely cleaned, also any linens inside needed to be washed and dried. The smell was enough to knock you out too. After I cleaned and dehumidified it, we started to talk about taking him out again.  That’s when we discovered the deal at the Port.  The timing also coincided with some friends that we had met at Frog Creek being at the Port at the same time.

This year we decided to go to a different site, closer to the middle of the park.  (actually, it was the only one available during this particular week).   Sasha loved it because we were next to a tree and some grass that every dog in the park walked on or by.  She was in heaven seeing all the dogs!  She also went on long walks every day, and I think she can read because she took exception to a particular sign:2015-03-05 12.14.12

She did find the Feral Cat colony that is on the park property.  That was a big surprise to both of us when we came up on it with little warning.  Lots of hissing and some barking and on we went.

The bad part (and we always have a bad part) was on our way home.   We got cut off in traffic not far from the Port and jamming on the brakes lead to a problem not far from home.  As we got near our turnoff we encountered a car that stopped in the middle lane of US1, there was confusion about who was going where and when Paul had to put on the brakes suddenly, the pedal went straight to the floor.  We found out later that the first time he jammed on the brakes it put a pinhole in the brake line, so this time there was no fluid in the line for the brakes to work.  Sooooo…..we pull off the road and call Good Sam and waited for the tow truck.   We are on a first name basis with the tow companies around here!!  What an ending to a great week.   The next trip is to Bill Frederick Park in Orlando.  I didn’t even know there was an RV park in Orlando!

Here are some random pictures from the Port:2015-03-03 16.20.27 2015-03-03 16.18.53 2015-03-04 18.37.25


2015-03-06 11.58.42 2015-03-05 13.39.23 2015-03-03 16.19.35

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A New Year

Today is January 2, 2014…I have been lax in writing in the blog and I am determined to fix this.  WordPress is having a “class” called Zero to Hero in 30 days.  I will be posting things that don’t necessarily follow my theme, but for the half dozen people that read this, bear with me!  Today I will tell you a little about me and my blog.

I decided to write a blog for a few reasons;  Since we bought a motorhome, I wanted a place to share our travels and pictures and the things we did.  Facebook is just not the appropriate place, as so many people can see when we are traveling.  Safety is a huge issue for both of us. I have started following several other RVers on blogs, and have gotten wonderful ideas of places to go, things to do and remodeling to be done. 

As for me, I am a career Fire Dept Paramedic getting ready to retire in 2 years.  Paul is my significant other and between us we have 4 kids and 6 grandchildren (5 are from my kids, 1 is Paul’s daughter’s first child).  Although we live in Florida, we are both from New England, Maine for me and Massachusetts for him, and visit there every summer.  An interesting fact…Paul and I met online and have been together ever since!  “Our” baby is our little copper dog called Sasha.  She is actually Paul’s constant companion and keeps him on his toes.

The next post will be all about the curtians in the White Knight.  They are finally complete!  I promise to post pictures!

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Home Improvements

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I have written here….I have been kinda busy…

I finally got the courage to fix the window treatments.  One bright and sunny Saturday, Paul and I decided to do some work around the White Knight.  He got some new blocks for the pad so I decided to work on the windows.  I started by figuring out that you can take the pieces off one at a time, so I took off the 1st layer, easy enough, then the 2nd layer.  By now the windows are starting to look much better, and the dirty, nasty, gross panels are gone!  Then things got crazy and I took the top panels off since everything else looked so good.  Well…while it looks so much cleaner and better, it revealed the fact that the shades and mini-blinds are attached to particle board that is attached to the base of the cabinets.  It doesn’t look so pretty, and neither did Paul’s face when he saw what I had done!  So…a new mini-blind and some fabric and we should be as good as new. I am just so glad to be rid of those nasty window panels, it’s starting to look more like what I hoped it would, not stuck in the 90’s!!  I actually bought a new sewing machine – thanks to cyber sales – so now I can sew the curtains, instead of using heat tape.  It will be a while before they are done, but I will have pictures!

We decided to take another trip in January, for my birthday this time.  Paul started looking for sites in the Keys…that turned into an exercise in futility!  The restrictions at some of these parks are ridiculous;  no dogs, only small dogs, no dogs of an “aggressive” breed, no motorcycles, no trailers….we finally decided that we didn’t want to go to the Key’s anyway!  Next choice was the Gulf Coast.  We found several places that would accommodate us.  We settled on one that when he called, they sounded excited about Sasha.  So…off we go to the Gulf Coast in a little over a month.

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Black water everywhere…..ewwwwww!

Port Canaveral welcome sign. Note the anchor a...

Port Canaveral welcome sign. Note the anchor and Space shuttle logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday night, while we were at Port Canaveral, something was amiss…..I was walking to the back of the motorhome and there was water on the floor.  Now, when Sasha drinks from her bowl, she gets water everywhere so I wasn’t concerned.  I became concerned when I realized that there was WATER, and lots of it, all over the floor!  The floor was wet, the rug was wet, and these are not things that Sasha would do. We opened the bathroom door and the toilet and sink were FULL!!!  Water was running everywhere.  Paul ran for the outside tank compartment and I went to get the flashlight, which in my panic, I couldn’t find!!  I used my phone for light, but Paul had already found the handle, opened it and we watched the tube fill and run and go on and on and on.  It was almost creepy at how much water and other stuff was coming out.  EWWWWWW!!!!!  It was interesting to find that the bathroom sink was part of the black water system, I thought it ran through the gray tank.  Thankfully, I had a few extra towels that had come along for the ride, so…..sopping up water, wringing the towels out in a bucket and taking it outside and dumping it was the order of business for the next hour.  I also have a fan that I keep in the motorhome for those “overheated” moments, so that got put into play.  We also ended up closing the windows and turning on the A/C.  Ahhhhhhh…cool air!

By the next morning, the floor was merely damp and Paul got under the motorhome and discovered that there was no damage to the structure.  It took 2 days to dry the carpet in the bedroom (it seeped under the bathroom wall into the bedroom).  Needless to say, we got lucky on this one.  I still have to take the carpet cleaner out and clean the carpet once more, just to be on the safe side.

Next up….more renovations!  Woo Hoo…..another try at making the White Knight “ours”.  I am going to remove the valances over the couch and over the table.  They are nasty, dirty and all different sizes.  I want miniblinds over the windows.  We discovered that to open the window we have to open the blind and anyone walking by can wave to us as we are sitting on the couch watching tv, or at the table eating.  I would like a little privacy!!!  I am also going to start painting the walls.  I will start over the table since I am taking the valance down.  I have also decided to find some contact paper or self-sticking wallpaper for the kitchen area.  I want to find something that looks like subway tiles!  I will take pictures.

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“Houston, we have a problem”

I love that line…but that’s just me!  We do have a problem though…we have discovered a leak.  Not just a little problem, a several gallon problem!

001 003 soggy foam!004 005  water stains!

When Paul was washing the White Knight, about a week or so after we got home, he felt that the outside front of the cab-over felt a little mushy.  When he peeled back the inside, after we removed the cushion, this is what we found…that and ALOT of water.  Thankfully we were able to borrow a Shop Vac (again, thanks Jim!) and get the water out, then we were able to remove the foam and clean it up.  Another call to the roof guy for advice and directions on what to do and we are good to go.  Or so we thought.  He told us to remove all the caulking from the seams on the outside and then bring it to him to reseal. We have done that, but we still need to caulk the areas again to be safe.  In the meantime, Paul found a cleaner/wax that when applied a zillion times – really only 4 – will give the White Knight an unbelievable shine that will last for several years.  I’ll believe it when I see it, but I think that half of the applying part is me!!

Speaking of washing…..009 Someone got a bath the other day…I couldn’t resist putting her picture in!  Love our Sasha dog!

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Sasha the wonder dog!

2013-08-21 11.02.42

Thought this was cute.  I put Sasha out on her lead this morning and she went to lay in the sun in her favorite soft grass spot.  She has to stay on a lead because the road out front is like a racetrack.  She is used to home where we might see 4 cars a day.  Here we are between 2 main routes through town and the traffic is miserable!  She doesn’t mind the lead, it’s pretty long and she knows if we go out back, she can be off it.

She really loves the grass here.  No fire ants, it’s really soft and apparently it tastes good.  She’s in for a big surprise when we get home…the rough St Augustine grass with the fire ants!

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Random sights~

I wanted to share some of the random things we have seen while traveling up the East Coast.003We found this small family cemetery at the RV park we stayed at the first night out.  Only a few stones, the Howell family from the 1800’s.  Reminds me of a cemetery near the house I grew up in.

008A long shot of the Manhattan skyline.  I have never been to NYC, but have been over and around it several times.  Someday…..

013An FDNY Hazmat truck on the George Washington Bridge.  I have a few shots of FDNY vehicles, just not any engines.  Go figure!!!

020Paul walking Sasha in the Turtle Lot at Mohegan Sun Casinos.  She loved the cooler air and the HUGE parking lot to walk in.024Saving the best for last!  This gorgeous building was across the lake from the Turtle Lot.  It’s a huge old brick building nestled in the trees.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but I found out from the Casino Transit driver that it was once a Mental Institution.  Yikes!!!  Paul and I agreed that we should probably both stay far away…just in case!!!

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Kids…2 and 4 legged


I forgot I wanted to add these pictures. Sasha loves the grass here. It’s soft and green and yummy for her! She loves to run around the back yard, especially with Jen, Paul’s daughter, and Boomer. She has been well behaved and not ventured near the road.

The other picture is Jen. She is a hoot!! She is one of the happiest people I know. She is 6 months pregnant and we were teasing her about something, so she jumped up on the table next to me. We couldn’t resist getting a picture of that.

Off to do laundry!

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Maine Lobster from Eric

Maine Lobster from Eric (Photo credit: man pikin)

English: Screen capture from NUMB3RS, debuting...

English: Screen capture from NUMB3RS, debuting January 23, 2005 on CBS. NUMB3RS is copyrighted ©2005, CBS Paramount Television. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK…here goes~

11~ days till we leave

19~ days living in the motorhome

5~ days on the road driving

2400~ miles we will travel in the motorhome

2 weeks~ all the seafood we can eat!

It’s kinda overwhelming when you put it out in the numbers.  To make it better, we will actually have a house to be in while we are in Massachusetts.   We have tenants in it, but they are more like friends than just tenants!  We will park in the yard, sleeping in the White Knight with Sasha, but for cooking, bathroom and spreading out, the house is there.  We have encountered another piece of news too…Paul’s daughter is pregnant!  It gives me yet another opportunity to share some of the things I have gathered and when when we get there, Jen and I will do some shopping.

We are also going to spend a couple of days in Maine.  I have a big group of friends that I try to get together with once a year.  We call it my “World Tour”!!  We all get together for food and drink and each year more people from my hometown join us.  It’s a lot of fun!!

We also plan on stopping in VA on the way back to see my little brother.  I haven’t seen him for several years so this will be a big deal.  Also on the agenda is a stop in GA to see my son, daughter-in-law and my favorite short people!  I don’t see them often enough, so any chance I get!  I might even get to see my oldest granddaughter too, she lives about an hour away from my son and his family.  Then home and back to the grind…I am taking 3 weeks off, I may not want to go back!!

Off to start the loading process.  Traveling in your home is a little different, and I want to take so much stuff…we shall see!!

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