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Can you believe it’s been almost a year???

Guess where we are this week? (I’m actually writing this 2 weeks later) Hint:
2015-03-06 12.07.48

2015-03-03 10.48.26

Yes, we are back at Port Canaveral. We got a great deal on a 4 night stay so we thought it was time to take The White Knight back on the road. But first I should probably explain why it’s taken this long to catch up.

Back, several months ago, Florida had rain like we were all building Arks. It rained so long and so hard I actually had to dig out my LLBean boots to walk to The White Knight. Once we were able to get inside, we discovered that there was a leak in the roof and the whole inside needed to be completely cleaned, also any linens inside needed to be washed and dried. The smell was enough to knock you out too. After I cleaned and dehumidified it, we started to talk about taking him out again.  That’s when we discovered the deal at the Port.  The timing also coincided with some friends that we had met at Frog Creek being at the Port at the same time.

This year we decided to go to a different site, closer to the middle of the park.  (actually, it was the only one available during this particular week).   Sasha loved it because we were next to a tree and some grass that every dog in the park walked on or by.  She was in heaven seeing all the dogs!  She also went on long walks every day, and I think she can read because she took exception to a particular sign:2015-03-05 12.14.12

She did find the Feral Cat colony that is on the park property.  That was a big surprise to both of us when we came up on it with little warning.  Lots of hissing and some barking and on we went.

The bad part (and we always have a bad part) was on our way home.   We got cut off in traffic not far from the Port and jamming on the brakes lead to a problem not far from home.  As we got near our turnoff we encountered a car that stopped in the middle lane of US1, there was confusion about who was going where and when Paul had to put on the brakes suddenly, the pedal went straight to the floor.  We found out later that the first time he jammed on the brakes it put a pinhole in the brake line, so this time there was no fluid in the line for the brakes to work.  Sooooo…..we pull off the road and call Good Sam and waited for the tow truck.   We are on a first name basis with the tow companies around here!!  What an ending to a great week.   The next trip is to Bill Frederick Park in Orlando.  I didn’t even know there was an RV park in Orlando!

Here are some random pictures from the Port:2015-03-03 16.20.27 2015-03-03 16.18.53 2015-03-04 18.37.25


2015-03-06 11.58.42 2015-03-05 13.39.23 2015-03-03 16.19.35

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Black water everywhere…..ewwwwww!

Port Canaveral welcome sign. Note the anchor a...

Port Canaveral welcome sign. Note the anchor and Space shuttle logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday night, while we were at Port Canaveral, something was amiss…..I was walking to the back of the motorhome and there was water on the floor.  Now, when Sasha drinks from her bowl, she gets water everywhere so I wasn’t concerned.  I became concerned when I realized that there was WATER, and lots of it, all over the floor!  The floor was wet, the rug was wet, and these are not things that Sasha would do. We opened the bathroom door and the toilet and sink were FULL!!!  Water was running everywhere.  Paul ran for the outside tank compartment and I went to get the flashlight, which in my panic, I couldn’t find!!  I used my phone for light, but Paul had already found the handle, opened it and we watched the tube fill and run and go on and on and on.  It was almost creepy at how much water and other stuff was coming out.  EWWWWWW!!!!!  It was interesting to find that the bathroom sink was part of the black water system, I thought it ran through the gray tank.  Thankfully, I had a few extra towels that had come along for the ride, so…..sopping up water, wringing the towels out in a bucket and taking it outside and dumping it was the order of business for the next hour.  I also have a fan that I keep in the motorhome for those “overheated” moments, so that got put into play.  We also ended up closing the windows and turning on the A/C.  Ahhhhhhh…cool air!

By the next morning, the floor was merely damp and Paul got under the motorhome and discovered that there was no damage to the structure.  It took 2 days to dry the carpet in the bedroom (it seeped under the bathroom wall into the bedroom).  Needless to say, we got lucky on this one.  I still have to take the carpet cleaner out and clean the carpet once more, just to be on the safe side.

Next up….more renovations!  Woo Hoo…..another try at making the White Knight “ours”.  I am going to remove the valances over the couch and over the table.  They are nasty, dirty and all different sizes.  I want miniblinds over the windows.  We discovered that to open the window we have to open the blind and anyone walking by can wave to us as we are sitting on the couch watching tv, or at the table eating.  I would like a little privacy!!!  I am also going to start painting the walls.  I will start over the table since I am taking the valance down.  I have also decided to find some contact paper or self-sticking wallpaper for the kitchen area.  I want to find something that looks like subway tiles!  I will take pictures.

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Another chance to get it right!

Trip number 3…this one is more local than the others. We chose Port Canaveral for this one. Actually, Paul chose it because it is his birthday on Tuesday {insert singing here}.

We started out just fine. The trailer attached just fine, Little Girl fit perfectly on her new trailer, and off we went. First stop, breakfast at IHOP. Most of the restaurants that serve breakfast near us are in one area and have parking lots that connect. IHOP has 2 lots that are next to it, but none attach. We pulled into the furthest one only to realize that we couldn’t turn everything around. We ended up taking the trailer off the White Knight and turning them both around separately, only to find out that IHOP was packed and there was a 30 minute wait! Nope, on to the next one. We ended up about 10 miles from the Port and decided to eat at Ruby Tuesday’s. No problem there, a ginormous parking lot all for us!!! The best part was the 2 ladies sitting at the next table with their laptops, tablets and smartphones…all on Facebook!!! They didn’t talk to each other the whole time we were sitting at our table, just had their faces glued to the screens. Sad really.

Off to the Port…

We get there and all goes well and we find our site by accident!  Remember from the incident in VA, I seem to have trouble with RV Park maps!  Lo and behold, there is a tree, a skinny tall palm tree, between us pulling through or backing up after taking off the trailer.  So…off the trailer comes again and get the White Knight backed up into the space.  We then had to move the trailer back to the hitch because we can’t take Little Girl off unhooked – that would be one of those redneck “hold my beer and watch this” kinda moments.  Thankfully, a guy came along and helped us maneuver the trailer back to the site and we hooked it up and ~~~DONE~~~!!!

This is what we saw driving into the Port of Canaveral.  We see this view almost every time, but sometimes we come in from the west and all you see are the ships!

the view of the Cruise Ship Basin as you drive into the Port

the view of the Cruise Ship Basin as you drive into the Port

In Port while we were there:  Carnival Sensation, Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas and Disney Dream.  The Norwegian Breakaway came and visited on Tuesday.  NCL was only in Port for a few hours, but what a ship!  When they left, you could see the ship over the buildings and the trees.  I would have taken a picture, but it was late and my camera doesn’t do well in the dark!  They all had horns that sounded when they left, but Disney Dream played music…Paul got stuck on “It’s a Small World”!!  Oh, we can’t forget the Victory Casino Ship, it left at 11am and again at 7pm, but quietly!

Français : L'arrière du Carnival Sensation

Français : L’arrière du Carnival Sensation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pretty impressive aren’t they?

Disney Dream

Disney Dream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s pretty cool to stand on the rocks at the Jetty and watch these guys leave.  The best part is waving to the people on deck!  When we went on our cruise a while back, we stood on deck waving to the people in the Port! More to follow later…

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