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A New Year

Today is January 2, 2014…I have been lax in writing in the blog and I am determined to fix this.  WordPress is having a “class” called Zero to Hero in 30 days.  I will be posting things that don’t necessarily follow my theme, but for the half dozen people that read this, bear with me!  Today I will tell you a little about me and my blog.

I decided to write a blog for a few reasons;  Since we bought a motorhome, I wanted a place to share our travels and pictures and the things we did.  Facebook is just not the appropriate place, as so many people can see when we are traveling.  Safety is a huge issue for both of us. I have started following several other RVers on blogs, and have gotten wonderful ideas of places to go, things to do and remodeling to be done. 

As for me, I am a career Fire Dept Paramedic getting ready to retire in 2 years.  Paul is my significant other and between us we have 4 kids and 6 grandchildren (5 are from my kids, 1 is Paul’s daughter’s first child).  Although we live in Florida, we are both from New England, Maine for me and Massachusetts for him, and visit there every summer.  An interesting fact…Paul and I met online and have been together ever since!  “Our” baby is our little copper dog called Sasha.  She is actually Paul’s constant companion and keeps him on his toes.

The next post will be all about the curtians in the White Knight.  They are finally complete!  I promise to post pictures!

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One of my favorite places


This is Two Lights Park.  Hint…there are 2 lighthouses, but I only took 1 picture!  This is the area where they have this great little “shack” that serves the most incredible Lobstah Rolls and Fried Clams.  You sit at picnic tables overlooking the Ocean.  It takes me back to my childhood.  Every Easter after church, my parents would pack a lunch of Egg Salad sandwiches and juice and other things I have forgotten, and we would get into the car and drive to the State Park section of Two Lights and have a picnic.  It’s the place that all out of town visitors would be taken to see the “Rock Bound Coast of Maine”.


This is a sample of the rocks.  It was foggy that day, otherwise the view would have been incredible.  Sasha loved the rocks,  she also charmed lots of people!

IMAG0484 IMAG0483

She has been in heaven on this vacation…the temperature has been wonderful, 70’s day and 50’s night, and very low humidity.  She travels well, except for one little problem.  When we got to the hotel, she refused to get into the elevator.  She has an issue with tile, linoleum or wood floors, and an even worse problem with elevators.  I think she looks at it as a small box with sliding doors and a moving floor.

Vacation is almost over, we have one more visit scheduled, with my son and his family.  Back to work in a week….blahhhhhhhh!

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Maine Lobster from Eric

Maine Lobster from Eric (Photo credit: man pikin)

English: Screen capture from NUMB3RS, debuting...

English: Screen capture from NUMB3RS, debuting January 23, 2005 on CBS. NUMB3RS is copyrighted ©2005, CBS Paramount Television. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK…here goes~

11~ days till we leave

19~ days living in the motorhome

5~ days on the road driving

2400~ miles we will travel in the motorhome

2 weeks~ all the seafood we can eat!

It’s kinda overwhelming when you put it out in the numbers.  To make it better, we will actually have a house to be in while we are in Massachusetts.   We have tenants in it, but they are more like friends than just tenants!  We will park in the yard, sleeping in the White Knight with Sasha, but for cooking, bathroom and spreading out, the house is there.  We have encountered another piece of news too…Paul’s daughter is pregnant!  It gives me yet another opportunity to share some of the things I have gathered and when when we get there, Jen and I will do some shopping.

We are also going to spend a couple of days in Maine.  I have a big group of friends that I try to get together with once a year.  We call it my “World Tour”!!  We all get together for food and drink and each year more people from my hometown join us.  It’s a lot of fun!!

We also plan on stopping in VA on the way back to see my little brother.  I haven’t seen him for several years so this will be a big deal.  Also on the agenda is a stop in GA to see my son, daughter-in-law and my favorite short people!  I don’t see them often enough, so any chance I get!  I might even get to see my oldest granddaughter too, she lives about an hour away from my son and his family.  Then home and back to the grind…I am taking 3 weeks off, I may not want to go back!!

Off to start the loading process.  Traveling in your home is a little different, and I want to take so much stuff…we shall see!!

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Planning, planning and more planning.


IMG_6531 (Photo credit: bankbryan)

I decided that I wasn’t going to post the few pictures that I took on the trip to Ormond Beach, there was really nothing interesting in them!  I hope no one was holding their breath to see them!  We did get the roof repaired and will take it to him in a week or so for some final details with the sealant.

We are now in the “OMG, we leave in just over a month” stage of our vacation with family and friends in New England.  I have spent part of today glued to the computer at work, in between calls, broken equipment and a chief visit, looking for travel information on I 95.  I found a really neat site,  I-95 Exit Guide, that I loved!  It had routes, toll information, RV sites…really important…and more.  I thought about ordering the book, but it was dated 2006!  There is an app, but I haven’t decided if I want to get it.  It all started when I thought about getting an EZPass for the tolls.  Here’s one of the things that irritated me to no end…I have a transponder for Florida, but it won’t work anywhere else.  In order to breeze through the tolls, I have to get a transponder from another state.  It doesn’t matter which one (it really does, I’ll get to that) as long as it’s through the EZPass system.  I started looking at the different states, thinking that one was as good as another.  Boy, was I wrong!!!  Maine has one that works with the other New England and Mid Atlantic states, no extra charges.  Mass has one that incurs charges and has a variety of rates, depending on where you use it.  By the time I got to Virginia, I was sick of the whole thing.  Each one works in the other states – except Florida of course – but then I had to decide what state, how much money I wanted to tie up on it and how to get it.  So that’s when I found the I 95 site.  They list the tolls on the entire length of I 95 except where there is no toll.  Sooooooo….the bottom line is I am NOT getting an EZPass, the tolls will be roughly 50.00 going North and 35.00 going south.  Don’t ask…it seems that some states want you to get out fast so they don’t charge tolls one or the other way!  Add to that, if we take the bike on a trailer, it will be slightly more.  That was another thing, one of the states said that if you are towing something, you would have to stop at a toll booth to have them adjust your toll.  REALLY?????

So this exercise in futility got me thinking about where we will stay the first night.  We hope to be in SC, maybe even NC.  I did some more digging and found a listing on Good Sam for Camp Pedro.  I laughed and laughed…this is the RV park attached to South of the Border.  Anyone that travels I 95 through the Carolina’s knows about South of the Border.  I was impressed, it got good reviews, and if nothing else, the entertainment factor is good too!  As the sign reads…”Pedro Sez” !!

The second night, we should be at Mohegan Sun Casinos.  They have an RV area, I have to download and print an application form to give them when we get there.  It’s called the Turtle Lot.  Boondocking at it’s finest!  It’s only for one night, so it will work.  Then we are only an hour/hour and a half from our destination!  Yay!

So…the only thing left to plan is the Maine portion of the trip.  I extended my vacation time in order to allow Paul time to rest after the drive up.  Lots to think about.

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