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cooking in a motor home!

cooking in a motor home!

The only thing that I looked for in any of the motorhomes that we saw, was an oven. I love to bake (as shown by my weight gain in the last few years), and I didn’t want to give it up while traveling. I also love to make a tasty roast with all the fixins. Well….the only thing the White Knight doesn’t have is ~ you guessed it ~ an oven. Buuuuuuuttttt…he does have a convection microwave. I just bought a convection oven for the house, so I decided to spend this lovely rainy day figuring out what I was going to do. The picture above is from my Pinterest page and what I made this morning with bananas and strawberries that needed to be used. If it works (fingers crossed), the pie plate that I used is the perfect size for the CM in the motorhome. Now Paul won’t have to do without my baking!!!! I also went in search of my old coffee pot this morning. It had lived a temporary life at my last assignment station when the issued one bit the dust. We had received a new one and I put mine in a cabinet “just in case”. We can do without a lot of things at a fire station, a coffee pot is just not of them! I went by this morning to find it so I would have one while traveling, and lo and behold, IT WAS GONE!!!! I guess someone else wanted it more that I did. No big deal, I will have to take our home coffee pot on the road. We don’t want to use the Keurig with the White Knight, just in case it might break…oh the horrors!!!!!

Next up ~ brake lights

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