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Black water everywhere…..ewwwwww!

Port Canaveral welcome sign. Note the anchor a...

Port Canaveral welcome sign. Note the anchor and Space shuttle logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday night, while we were at Port Canaveral, something was amiss…..I was walking to the back of the motorhome and there was water on the floor.  Now, when Sasha drinks from her bowl, she gets water everywhere so I wasn’t concerned.  I became concerned when I realized that there was WATER, and lots of it, all over the floor!  The floor was wet, the rug was wet, and these are not things that Sasha would do. We opened the bathroom door and the toilet and sink were FULL!!!  Water was running everywhere.  Paul ran for the outside tank compartment and I went to get the flashlight, which in my panic, I couldn’t find!!  I used my phone for light, but Paul had already found the handle, opened it and we watched the tube fill and run and go on and on and on.  It was almost creepy at how much water and other stuff was coming out.  EWWWWWW!!!!!  It was interesting to find that the bathroom sink was part of the black water system, I thought it ran through the gray tank.  Thankfully, I had a few extra towels that had come along for the ride, so…..sopping up water, wringing the towels out in a bucket and taking it outside and dumping it was the order of business for the next hour.  I also have a fan that I keep in the motorhome for those “overheated” moments, so that got put into play.  We also ended up closing the windows and turning on the A/C.  Ahhhhhhh…cool air!

By the next morning, the floor was merely damp and Paul got under the motorhome and discovered that there was no damage to the structure.  It took 2 days to dry the carpet in the bedroom (it seeped under the bathroom wall into the bedroom).  Needless to say, we got lucky on this one.  I still have to take the carpet cleaner out and clean the carpet once more, just to be on the safe side.

Next up….more renovations!  Woo Hoo…..another try at making the White Knight “ours”.  I am going to remove the valances over the couch and over the table.  They are nasty, dirty and all different sizes.  I want miniblinds over the windows.  We discovered that to open the window we have to open the blind and anyone walking by can wave to us as we are sitting on the couch watching tv, or at the table eating.  I would like a little privacy!!!  I am also going to start painting the walls.  I will start over the table since I am taking the valance down.  I have also decided to find some contact paper or self-sticking wallpaper for the kitchen area.  I want to find something that looks like subway tiles!  I will take pictures.

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