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Trip to the Port part 2

I have to do all of this at once, it seems that the WiFi that the Port added to the park and campground last year…well, I can’t use the word I want and I can’t do anything with it.  IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!  Occasionally, and I do mean occasionally, it would flash in and I could get internet, but after a day of trying, I gave up!!

Monday we took Little Girl out and drove up the Kennedy Space Center.  If I had thought about it, I would have taken my camera, or even my phone to get pictures.  We saw the new Atlantis building, pretty impressive.  It is as expensive to go to KSC as it is to go to Disney, so we kept riding.  We rode along the river back to the campground.  It was a beautiful day to be out riding, but hot when you stopped.  That was the only issue with the trip.  It was so cool out when we left, the weather report said it was going to stay cool, so I wasn’t prepared for high 80’s with humidity!

In addition to the fact that we had lousy internet, there is no cable, only antenna.  Again, no reception!!  I wasn’t aware that the Red Sox were playing Monday night, so imagine my surprise when I turned on the news and they had won and were headed back to Fenway to finish the series!!

Tuesday was Paul’s birthday, so off we went to Denny’s for Grand Slam Breakfast…we do this every year!  After breakfast I had him stop at Winn Dixie for eggs…the one thing I forgot that I needed to make him a birthday cake.  In my little convection microwave!  Here is the result:

20131029_194641 Not too bad if I do say so myself!  It tasted great, except for the corner that burned!!!!  Paul liked it, that’s all that matters. The mold is a great silicone pan from IKEA that I use for a lot of my cakes.  It is heart shaped and really easy to use and clean.

Wednesday morning we packed up and headed home.  We really are getting the hang of this motorhome and trailer thing.  We managed to get the awning up and all the cables and hoses taken care of in record time.  In another post I will tell the story of the black water tank overflowing.  I’m not up to it right now….what a nightmare!

Off to watch the Red Sox play from my living room….tickets are a little too expensive…$950.00 for standing room only is the lowest price I heard of!

Fenway Park

Fenway Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Another chance to get it right!

Trip number 3…this one is more local than the others. We chose Port Canaveral for this one. Actually, Paul chose it because it is his birthday on Tuesday {insert singing here}.

We started out just fine. The trailer attached just fine, Little Girl fit perfectly on her new trailer, and off we went. First stop, breakfast at IHOP. Most of the restaurants that serve breakfast near us are in one area and have parking lots that connect. IHOP has 2 lots that are next to it, but none attach. We pulled into the furthest one only to realize that we couldn’t turn everything around. We ended up taking the trailer off the White Knight and turning them both around separately, only to find out that IHOP was packed and there was a 30 minute wait! Nope, on to the next one. We ended up about 10 miles from the Port and decided to eat at Ruby Tuesday’s. No problem there, a ginormous parking lot all for us!!! The best part was the 2 ladies sitting at the next table with their laptops, tablets and smartphones…all on Facebook!!! They didn’t talk to each other the whole time we were sitting at our table, just had their faces glued to the screens. Sad really.

Off to the Port…

We get there and all goes well and we find our site by accident!  Remember from the incident in VA, I seem to have trouble with RV Park maps!  Lo and behold, there is a tree, a skinny tall palm tree, between us pulling through or backing up after taking off the trailer.  So…off the trailer comes again and get the White Knight backed up into the space.  We then had to move the trailer back to the hitch because we can’t take Little Girl off unhooked – that would be one of those redneck “hold my beer and watch this” kinda moments.  Thankfully, a guy came along and helped us maneuver the trailer back to the site and we hooked it up and ~~~DONE~~~!!!

This is what we saw driving into the Port of Canaveral.  We see this view almost every time, but sometimes we come in from the west and all you see are the ships!

the view of the Cruise Ship Basin as you drive into the Port

the view of the Cruise Ship Basin as you drive into the Port

In Port while we were there:  Carnival Sensation, Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas and Disney Dream.  The Norwegian Breakaway came and visited on Tuesday.  NCL was only in Port for a few hours, but what a ship!  When they left, you could see the ship over the buildings and the trees.  I would have taken a picture, but it was late and my camera doesn’t do well in the dark!  They all had horns that sounded when they left, but Disney Dream played music…Paul got stuck on “It’s a Small World”!!  Oh, we can’t forget the Victory Casino Ship, it left at 11am and again at 7pm, but quietly!

Français : L'arrière du Carnival Sensation

Français : L’arrière du Carnival Sensation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pretty impressive aren’t they?

Disney Dream

Disney Dream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s pretty cool to stand on the rocks at the Jetty and watch these guys leave.  The best part is waving to the people on deck!  When we went on our cruise a while back, we stood on deck waving to the people in the Port! More to follow later…

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Upgrades, or so I thought.

I decided that I wanted to make a few changes in the White Knight. I should have thought this through…remember the wallpaper border debacle??? First, I ordered new seat covers, from Camping World, of course. I saw them in a catalog and they were on sale. Once I really looked at the picture, they didn’t have the same shape as our seats. And they were yellow! I did read the reviews and they all said the color was actually tan…let’s hope. Well, they came in and they were tan, and they fit! Yay me!

Second, I ordered a windshield cover. Again, from Camping World and again, on sale. The White Knight is a 2000 Chevy chassis and in doing my research I discovered that no one makes covers for a 2000 Chevy. So…I ordered one for a 2001 and hoped for the best! It came in yesterday and so out I went to put it on. I got it on, but it’s too narrow to fasten properly. Paul tried it again today and it almost ripped. It’s going back on Monday. Boo…I really wanted it too. The other thing is that the screening is supposed to be one way, see out but not in, and it isn’t. Very discouraged on this one! This week we will be cleaning it up for a short trip, fairly local, for Paul’s birthday. I’ll figure out the rest of it later!!

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Another member of the family

Well, we finally got the latest member of the family.  After the trip to New England and the near disaster on the NJ Turnpike with the bike, we knew that we needed a longer trailer for Little Girl to fit properly.  So…here he is~ complete with wheel chock on the top and a retractable wheel on the tongue.

new trailer

We have decided to take another trip at the end of the month, for a couple of days.  The sad part is that we had hoped to go to one of our local parks…but since the government is closed, so is that park.  *Biting my tongue to not make political statements regarding this situation*

As soon as the trailer has a name, I’ll post again.

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