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One of my favorite places


This is Two Lights Park.  Hint…there are 2 lighthouses, but I only took 1 picture!  This is the area where they have this great little “shack” that serves the most incredible Lobstah Rolls and Fried Clams.  You sit at picnic tables overlooking the Ocean.  It takes me back to my childhood.  Every Easter after church, my parents would pack a lunch of Egg Salad sandwiches and juice and other things I have forgotten, and we would get into the car and drive to the State Park section of Two Lights and have a picnic.  It’s the place that all out of town visitors would be taken to see the “Rock Bound Coast of Maine”.


This is a sample of the rocks.  It was foggy that day, otherwise the view would have been incredible.  Sasha loved the rocks,  she also charmed lots of people!

IMAG0484 IMAG0483

She has been in heaven on this vacation…the temperature has been wonderful, 70’s day and 50’s night, and very low humidity.  She travels well, except for one little problem.  When we got to the hotel, she refused to get into the elevator.  She has an issue with tile, linoleum or wood floors, and an even worse problem with elevators.  I think she looks at it as a small box with sliding doors and a moving floor.

Vacation is almost over, we have one more visit scheduled, with my son and his family.  Back to work in a week….blahhhhhhhh!

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Life on vacation!

2013-08-24 20.22.03it

The fire pit.  Most nights we have a fire.  The weather has been perfect and no rain (except one day) so we get to sit in the backyard and have a fire.  There is something so calming about watching wood burn.  We have lots of different wood, but my favorite is cedar.  The smell is incredible, and it keeps mosquitos away too!


2013-08-23 19.32.50

Now for the important things of vacation…FOOD!  This is a sampling of what we have eaten in the last 2 weeks!  We went back to Woods on the waterfront and had more seafood.  I had the steamers…one of my absolute favorites, and Paul had the fried clams, as usual!  We have eaten so much since we left, I hope I can squeeze back into my uniform when I get back!

Off we go to Maine today…I get to see some friends that, unfortunately, I only get to see once a year.  We talk frequently, but phone, text or Facebook, but there is nothing better than face to face!  I also will go to the cemetery where my parents are buried.  It’s a beautiful place, peaceful as most cemetery’s are, and had an incredible view. It will be a good trip.

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Odd Tidbits

008Duck tours.  I know they are popular, but it seems a little odd to me to take a perfectly good vehicle and drive it into the Bay!  Could be worse…they could go into the ocean side, with the sharks…which brings me to:010Paul got a little carried away…after all, it IS Cape Cod, home of Jaws!!!036This is a street in Hingham, MA.  The stripes are pretty neat, but distracting.  I guess patriotic is how it goes!  032

And finally, outside of the Coast Guard Station Scituate, a Weapons Clearing Station.  Random I guess…It comes complete with the shell to fire into.  Kinda scary…it’s in a public park, you never know who would use it!!

We have been all over the South Shore in the last 3 days.  The scenery is beautiful, the weather, even at 90 degrees is great.  Until we hit the freeway to come back today, I would have agreed to stay here…bumper to bumper traffic cured me of that idea!!!!

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Sasha the wonder dog!

2013-08-21 11.02.42

Thought this was cute.  I put Sasha out on her lead this morning and she went to lay in the sun in her favorite soft grass spot.  She has to stay on a lead because the road out front is like a racetrack.  She is used to home where we might see 4 cars a day.  Here we are between 2 main routes through town and the traffic is miserable!  She doesn’t mind the lead, it’s pretty long and she knows if we go out back, she can be off it.

She really loves the grass here.  No fire ants, it’s really soft and apparently it tastes good.  She’s in for a big surprise when we get home…the rough St Augustine grass with the fire ants!

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Random sights~

I wanted to share some of the random things we have seen while traveling up the East Coast.003We found this small family cemetery at the RV park we stayed at the first night out.  Only a few stones, the Howell family from the 1800’s.  Reminds me of a cemetery near the house I grew up in.

008A long shot of the Manhattan skyline.  I have never been to NYC, but have been over and around it several times.  Someday…..

013An FDNY Hazmat truck on the George Washington Bridge.  I have a few shots of FDNY vehicles, just not any engines.  Go figure!!!

020Paul walking Sasha in the Turtle Lot at Mohegan Sun Casinos.  She loved the cooler air and the HUGE parking lot to walk in.024Saving the best for last!  This gorgeous building was across the lake from the Turtle Lot.  It’s a huge old brick building nestled in the trees.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but I found out from the Casino Transit driver that it was once a Mental Institution.  Yikes!!!  Paul and I agreed that we should probably both stay far away…just in case!!!

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Kids…2 and 4 legged


I forgot I wanted to add these pictures. Sasha loves the grass here. It’s soft and green and yummy for her! She loves to run around the back yard, especially with Jen, Paul’s daughter, and Boomer. She has been well behaved and not ventured near the road.

The other picture is Jen. She is a hoot!! She is one of the happiest people I know. She is 6 months pregnant and we were teasing her about something, so she jumped up on the table next to me. We couldn’t resist getting a picture of that.

Off to do laundry!

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Home Sweet Home

English: Looking south along Brant Rock Beach,...

English: Looking south along Brant Rock Beach, Marshfield, Massachusetts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Well…here we are! It took some back and forth, but The White Knight is safely nestled in beside the house! It still needs a small tweek, but it works! We have all the comforts of home, and the house too! Actually, it works out well, we have been able to put the bike in the garage and not have to worry about that either! Right now there are some home improvements going on; painting inside, gardening beds outside. The house looks good, although the UF Gator orange ceiling in the hallway is a bit odd, but it’s what Boomer and Melissa like, so….

We have eaten well, the part of this trip we look forward to all year is the food. Melissa is an awesome cook and they both grill like Bobby Flay! We made the first trip of many to Woods Seafood on the waterfront of Plymouth. Mmmmmmmm!!!! Fried Clams, sitting on the edge of the bay…finish with cupcakes! Lots of fresh produce, we have already gone through 18 ears of fresh picked corn! I personally had 7 in 2 sittings. I am addicted to fresh corn!

We took a ride yesterday on the bike. Rolling hills, salt air, cool enough for long sleeves but warm enough not to need a jacket. We went to some cool places, Duxbury, Marshfield, Green Harbor, Brant Rock, Pembroke…all neat little towns in the South Shore of Boston. We even drove past the Marshfield Fair in full swing. All of the people that live near the fairgrounds charge for parking (all the same amount – 5.00), and Paul told me that local lore says that they pay their property taxes with the money that they make doing that. Pretty neat!

I have to take some time for the mundane things today, laundry, light cleaning….It IS our house after all!!!!

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More traveling!

2013-08-13 11.35.29

This is what we encountered in the Mid Atlantic states. Some of it was due to construction, some due to too many people on the road. I thought most of the rude drivers were in Florida (sorry Florida, but it’s my experience). I just don’t understand how people can think that they can jump lanes, right in front of 40′ of metal and wheels and when they slam on their brakes get upset that we are standing on our noses trying to stop before hitting them!!!! That and the texting drivers. Don’t these people pay attention to signs for NO HANDHELD PHONES for drivers???? I can’t tell you how many people we almost came in contact with!!! Remember, I drive a big red ambulance for a living, I see how people are and it infuriates me! Whew…enough of that!

Interesting part of the trip in New Jersey (?!). We were tired, unable to find a place to stay on Wednesday night, so we pulled into a service plaza and decided to stay there. Thanks to the State Lines app, I knew that this was legal. The gas attendant even told us where to pull the motorhome to. We squeezed in between 2 semi’s and called it a night! While that was never on my bucket list, I added it and then crossed it off!!! Next morning, after a pretty good night’s sleep, we cleaned up, went inside for coffee and breakfast, walked Sasha and off we went…destination: Mohegan Sun Casino!

First we had to go through New York City….tolls from the start of the George Washington Bridge to the Bronx….$60.00!!! REALLY????????? You would think we were paying for the construction all by ourselves! And once again, bumper to bumper! So glad to get through that! Once we did, and could pull over, we checked with the bike…she had managed to loosen up 2 of her straps. Bad Girl!!! We spent the better part of the trip worrying about her and the trailer.

We finally made it to Mohegan Sun and found the Turtle Lot. The really nice Security Guard took our paperwork and gave us a permit. Sasha had a nice little walk, we settled her in, and off to gamble we went. I am so not a gambler…I quite before I lost all the cash I brought. Fortunately I only took a little bit!! Ate at a really nice Irish Pub. I decided I couldn’t afford Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain! Had a nice Mac and Cheese and A Sam Adams, Paul had the Prime Rib special and a Sam Adams and we were set. We then decided that we would forgo the Turtle Lot and drive the rest of the trip to Kingston. We pulled in at just after 7pm. What a relief!!

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And…We’re off!

2013-08-13 09.06.38

Right on time, 9am. Although 8am was the target, I always give myself an hour leeway. Especially since I had to go to the store to buy a cup of coffee, stupid Keurig! We drove the bike up onto the trailer, twice, and secured it. When Paul drove it out of the yard, he took a nice chunk of lawn with him. When he got it out onto the road, we were making sure that nothing was amiss, when little Miss Sasha joined us. She jumped out of the drivers side window. I couldn’t put her back in the side, the door was locked, so back to the good old days…I picked her up and put her inside. Whew!

First stop…Publix ATM. Thankfully it was early enough that the parking lot was ok, we got that done and off we went. The next stop was to check the bike. She was secure, just had to make sure that the tie down ends were ok.

Traveling in a motorhome is kinda neat, cause we were able to have food when we need it. Since Sasha needed a break (and so did we!) we stopped at a McDonalds in Jacksonville. We drove around the complex twice to get into the parking lot. Getting out would have been easier, except the people that were texting and driving through the parking lot. I would hate to be the one to explain to the Insurance Co. that I didn’t see a 29′ motorhome when I backed out of the parking space. Stupid people!!!!!!!

We are safely in North Carolina now, we did pass South of the Border. It looked like it has been “refreshed” since the last time I was there. We chose a very nice RV park. We are all by ourselves, the next nearest neighbor is several rows away. We got in, all hooked up and decided to order dinner from a place that delivers. Well….1 1/2 hours and 2 phone calls, I canceled it and we ate leftovers. I cannot stand incompetence!!!

Enough for now. I am posting several days at a time because I haven’t had internet access for several days.

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The best laid plans…..

We are on a roll. In less than 12 hours we want to be on the road. Since yesterday several things have happened to put little bitty wrenches in the works.

My son and his family had to make an quick trip to Florida…a close family friend, almost like a brother to Mike was in an accident on Sunday. He will be ok, but Mike needed to see for himself. I won’t get to see them as we are leaving in the morning, so we will have to wait until we stop to see them on the way back. Then…my little brother sent me an email, they won’t be home when we are coming through…another miss!

The very worst thing…our Keurig isn’t working. Something happened to it this morning and we can’t seem to fix it. I am going to try again tomorrow, but if I have to drive to McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts for coffee in the morning, it won’t be pretty. The other coffee maker is packed in the Motorhome!!

That being said, we are packed and ready to go! It took about 2 hours, several beers and a London Broil steak to get it done, but we did it! Tomorrow we load Little Girl and off we go!!



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