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A very auspicious start

Well, here we are…we chose to stay close to home for our first time out

.  We traveled 1 1/2 hours north to an RV park on the ocean.  We ran into traffic, construction and rain…all at once!!  We stopped at the grocery store to get supplies as we weren’t sure how the fridge will do traveling.  We finally arrived at our destination and backed into the narrowest spot imaginable.  Once we got all the wires, cords and tubes set up, we were able to relax!  Oopsssss…It was pointed out to Paul that the roof looked bad, the roof we JUST HAD RESURFACED!!!!!   The front sides had peeled back in the storm and there was water all around.  None inside, thankfully, because it started to rain and rain and thunder and lightning.  We survived, no inside damage and on to face the new day!  Today we were able to get up and check it.  Paul also called the guy who fixed it, and he couldn’t have been any nicer about it.  He is up north right now, or he would have driven to where we are and fixed it right there.  It’s on the schedule for this weekend. 

One of the things I remembered about camping as a kid was the “family” atmosphere.  There is a very nice family across from us and they had lots of ideas along with a roll of duct tape and a ladder which they very kindly let us borrow.  It’s fixed for now.

I spent a couple of hours at the beach, something I had promised myself I would do this week.  No sunburn, but it’s REALLY, REALLY hot here.  I’m inside now, with A/C and the TV!

Cool thing happened today…one way to get everyone outside is to have 4 Air Force Fighter Jets do a flyby!  I haven’t a clue where they came from, there are bases north and south of us, but they had everyone running outside looking at the sky.  I stayed out to take pictures and sure enough, they came back.  Not as fast as the first time, but they were really cool to see.  I will add some pictures when we get home.

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The quilt is the same, the picture is different and the wallpaper border is gone. New pillows and sheets. DONE!!!




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Closer, ever closer!!  The only thing not finished

Closer, ever closer!!  The only thing not finished is the mess I made in the bedroom.  As I noted in an earlier post, I removed the wallpaper border from behind the bed.  I shoulda kept the 90″s!!  I have used every possible chemical to remove the tacky backing and it’s STILL THERE!!!!!!!  I have one last thing to try, and then I will quit fighting it and make up the bed.  Paul cleaned the vent screens and I shampooed the carpet in the bedroom and bathroom.  It looks marginally better.  I got the shades that I ordered from JCP.com and we installed them.  They were the only place to order the exact size, as it’s odd.  Eventually, I want to paint the entire interior.  I want a crisp white so I can incorporate other colors as accessories.

I have also added this blog to a bloggers website, so maybe more than 3 people will see it!!  I have low confidence in myself, but I love to write stuff, so I took the plunge.  I have also been reading several other blogs and find myself wondering what it would be like to full-time RV at some point.  It’s definitely something to think about.

Once we load up and get to the RV park by the ocean, I will take pictures so I can compare the before and after to see the progress.

One last thing, before I leave for Zumba (!!). Sasha is doing much better at getting in and out of the White Knight. I sometimes have to bribe her with a milkbone, but she has figured out that the carpet is on the floor so she doesn’t have to walk on the linoleum. Again, more pictures to come!!

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Well, we are 10 days out from our

Well, we are 10 days out from our first trip, and no closer than the last entry!  I haven’t finished the bedroom yet for lots of reasons.  It is soooo hot outside these days, I can only stand being outside for no more than 30 minutes at a time.  If I just sit, I am fine, but cleaning is alot to ask!  Actually, there is a Tropical Storm outside as I type this.  Andrea…another fine name!  I fully expect to come home from work in the morning and find the wheels to the White Knight in about 6″ of water.  He sits in a low section of the property and we have had alot of rain. 

Anyway, the agenda for this weekend is the bedroom and the final fix of the awning.  The previous picture shows it out but not up.  I got the rest of the pieces to fix it so we can extend it.  As long as we can put the chairs and the grill under it I don’t care.  The brake lights were fixed last weekend, which helps a great deal, Paul is getting the pieces parts to enable us to switch gas tanks for the generator.  Lots of little things, but they add up!

We are also putting the final touches on our vacation to New England this summer.  A party is being planned for us, as was last year, and it’s a fun time.  Thankfully we will have A/C unlike last year.  When it gets hot there, it gets realllllly hot!  I think the nicest part of the whole RV and vacation is sleeping in our own bed with our own stuff (and our own A/C).  Lugging suitcases around can get real old, real fast, but with our “stuff” with us, it will be nice!  More importantly, seeing family and friends is what will be really nice!

Well, the bottom line here is that in 10 days, we will be living (for a short time) right on the ocean in our portable house!  Sasha will love it too, she is getting better about it, little by little!

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An Awning…who’da thunk it!!!!

An Awning...who'da thunk it!!!!

Very, very interesting morning. We decided to open the awning today, it had to be done sometime. After removing all the zip strips we start following the instructions. We soon discovered that the previous owner had “secured” the awning, not because it needed it, but more because as things came apart, it was easier to do, and put the pieces in the bag-o-parts!! It only took about 2 hours, but we took several pieces apart and fixed them so it now opens and closes!! Yay!! We also need to replace a few things, so after checking online, another trip to Camping World is in order!!! It’s gonna make it sooooo much nicer to sit outside when we camp!! YAY!!!!!



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