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cooking in a motor home!

cooking in a motor home!

The only thing that I looked for in any of the motorhomes that we saw, was an oven. I love to bake (as shown by my weight gain in the last few years), and I didn’t want to give it up while traveling. I also love to make a tasty roast with all the fixins. Well….the only thing the White Knight doesn’t have is ~ you guessed it ~ an oven. Buuuuuuuttttt…he does have a convection microwave. I just bought a convection oven for the house, so I decided to spend this lovely rainy day figuring out what I was going to do. The picture above is from my Pinterest page and what I made this morning with bananas and strawberries that needed to be used. If it works (fingers crossed), the pie plate that I used is the perfect size for the CM in the motorhome. Now Paul won’t have to do without my baking!!!! I also went in search of my old coffee pot this morning. It had lived a temporary life at my last assignment station when the issued one bit the dust. We had received a new one and I put mine in a cabinet “just in case”. We can do without a lot of things at a fire station, a coffee pot is just not of them! I went by this morning to find it so I would have one while traveling, and lo and behold, IT WAS GONE!!!! I guess someone else wanted it more that I did. No big deal, I will have to take our home coffee pot on the road. We don’t want to use the Keurig with the White Knight, just in case it might break…oh the horrors!!!!!

Next up ~ brake lights

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I need to catch up the 3 people that read this blog!!!  We have a resealed roof – yay!!!  It looks great and we now have 3 Maxxair vents and a new housing for the A/C.  It looks great, but we still have possessed brake lights!!  I spoke with the mechanic that takes care of our ambulances and he had some good suggestions to try to fix it, the problem is…Paul and I cannot squeeze ourselves up under the dashboard.  I almost think my 3 year old grandson wouldn’t fit either!  It will get fixed, especially since we are leaving the 17th to do a “shake down” trip.  We still haven’t opened the awning, it’s zip tied to the brackets at the top.  We got a little crazy over the last few days and cleared out most of the brush next to where we park it so we could open it to clean it and see what else it needs.  Anyone that has ever cleared Palmetto Bushes will understand….my hands look like I went rounds with a hatchet!  Neither one of us is physically fit enough to take on landscaping, but we somehow managed.  Sasha supervised, from the safety of the shade next to the shed.  I took 5 wheelbarrow (borrowed from the neighbor ~ thanks Jim!) loads and dumped them.  One more stand of Palmettos and the yard will be complete…YAY!!!

Next up ~ the bedroom.  I have to take the shades out and replace them because they are so worn out.  I removed the picture that was over the bed, we bought a new one to replace it.  I removed the wallpaper border (bye bye 90’s!) and as soon as the wall is clean, it will be time for the bedding.  I have also decided to take the headboard out, it’s carpet covered plywood and I really have no want to put my head against it!!  I will just put pillows there.   I will have pictures up in the next few days.


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New Roof? We don’t need no stinkin’ new roof!

New Roof?  We don't need no stinkin' new roof!

This is what the explaination of new vs resealed looks like, on the side of a 2 lane highway on top of the White Knight. The end result is this man does roof repair, and after he explained what he would do, including adding another Maxxair vent on top, Paul decided this was the way to go. It should only take 4 days, and he said it would last 5 years…

The worst part of the 50 mile ride to take it there, the brake lights went out, so I followed in my car with Sasha ~ you didn’t think she would ride in the White Knight did you???? What a day. Now to finish the inside. groan!

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All Better~

The White Knight is home and all better.  I am learning lots of new things, not things I ever expected to either!  The problem was a sensor, which if the “nice man” read: sarcasm, at the Auto Supply store had checked the computer, we would have known.  Apparently, it was too hot and/or too much work for him to come outside of the store to do when Paul asked him to.  Anyway, the sensor was replaced along with a tune up and fluid changes.  It seems that at about 100,000 miles a tune up is needed.  Who knew?  Tomorrow he goes to have the roof resealed (hopefully).  We have spent so much time ~ and money ~ on him, we haven’t even had a chance to actually use him.  Soon, very soon.  We did sit and watch TV inside last night.  It was another learning experience.  Paul attached the cable to the house with about 4 miles of cord (really only about 30′) and it didn’t work right.  He discovered what the little tiny black switch goes to…cable to antenna and vice versa.  Again, who knew???

So, in a nutshell for those not keeping track…Generator repair, 1 order shipped in 5 installments from Camping World, 4 trips to the local Superstore, the breakdown and towing, the sensor and tune-up/oil change.  Whew…I am tired thinking about it.  Roof tomorrow, so maybe Memorial Day weekend we can try it out!  Gotta remember the beer!

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Uh Oh

Uh Oh

The White Knight is not doing very well this morning…Yesterday after Paul took him to get the roof looked at, he went for a ride and half way home, the motorhome broke down! I was at work and Sasha was at home so Paul was all by himself trying to figure things out. He did, and after he had the motorhome towed to the house, and Sasha was taken care of, we figured today would be a piece of cake. WRONG!!!! I got a late call at work and was late getting home, the tow truck was early getting to the house, so this is what I saw about 5 miles from home! Sad sad sad. We are maintaining a positive attitude, he will be ok, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to repair and we will eventually go camping!!! Onward~~

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the floor~

the floor~

Sasha’s nemesis…the blue linoleum floor~

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Sasha vs the White Knight

This really isn’t pretty…the dog absolutely does not like the motorhome! It’s gonna make it hard to go on vacation this summer! The problem is, Sasha doesn’t like wood, tile or linoleum floors, she can’t get her footing on them. The floor of the living part of the motorhome is linoleum, the drivers compartment is a rubber surface and the bedroom is carpet.

We set off to get the roof looked at; Paul, me and Sasha. Sounds simple…but nooooooooo! As we are driving through 4 lanes of traffic, Sasha, who had decided to lay on the rubber section between the two front seats, got scared and pushed her way under Paul’s feet. The light ahead changes…panic almost ensued! I got on the floor and pulled her back by her back legs. I spent the rest of the trip with my feet propped between the console and the front of Paul’s seat, preventing Sasha from doing that again. She refuses to go in and out through the door, she would rather be picked up and put in the drivers compartment and to get out, she jumps…about 4′ from the seat to the ground. You just need to picture this cute little copper-colored dog, 50lbs of solid muscle, being picky about where she goes! Amazing.

Soooooo…off I go to the local superstore for carpet runners to cover the pretty blue floors!

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