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2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

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Can you believe it’s been almost a year???

Guess where we are this week? (I’m actually writing this 2 weeks later) Hint:
2015-03-06 12.07.48

2015-03-03 10.48.26

Yes, we are back at Port Canaveral. We got a great deal on a 4 night stay so we thought it was time to take The White Knight back on the road. But first I should probably explain why it’s taken this long to catch up.

Back, several months ago, Florida had rain like we were all building Arks. It rained so long and so hard I actually had to dig out my LLBean boots to walk to The White Knight. Once we were able to get inside, we discovered that there was a leak in the roof and the whole inside needed to be completely cleaned, also any linens inside needed to be washed and dried. The smell was enough to knock you out too. After I cleaned and dehumidified it, we started to talk about taking him out again.  That’s when we discovered the deal at the Port.  The timing also coincided with some friends that we had met at Frog Creek being at the Port at the same time.

This year we decided to go to a different site, closer to the middle of the park.  (actually, it was the only one available during this particular week).   Sasha loved it because we were next to a tree and some grass that every dog in the park walked on or by.  She was in heaven seeing all the dogs!  She also went on long walks every day, and I think she can read because she took exception to a particular sign:2015-03-05 12.14.12

She did find the Feral Cat colony that is on the park property.  That was a big surprise to both of us when we came up on it with little warning.  Lots of hissing and some barking and on we went.

The bad part (and we always have a bad part) was on our way home.   We got cut off in traffic not far from the Port and jamming on the brakes lead to a problem not far from home.  As we got near our turnoff we encountered a car that stopped in the middle lane of US1, there was confusion about who was going where and when Paul had to put on the brakes suddenly, the pedal went straight to the floor.  We found out later that the first time he jammed on the brakes it put a pinhole in the brake line, so this time there was no fluid in the line for the brakes to work.  Sooooo…..we pull off the road and call Good Sam and waited for the tow truck.   We are on a first name basis with the tow companies around here!!  What an ending to a great week.   The next trip is to Bill Frederick Park in Orlando.  I didn’t even know there was an RV park in Orlando!

Here are some random pictures from the Port:2015-03-03 16.20.27 2015-03-03 16.18.53 2015-03-04 18.37.25


2015-03-06 11.58.42 2015-03-05 13.39.23 2015-03-03 16.19.35

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St. Augustine

We decided on this trip to try using a KOA Park.  I love St. Augustine, so I looked on their site and found one in St. Augustine Beach .

2014-05-13 10.40.53There is a lake in this picture!  Great view!

This is what it looked like from our site the morning we left.  It was pretty packed most of the time, we stayed from Friday through Tuesday and over the weekend it was pretty crazy!  We also got lucky on our reservations, it was a promotional weekend, so one night was free!  I love free!!!

The main purpose of the trip was to relax, but as always, something has to happen to us.  As soon as we checked in and got to our site we started hooking the White Knight up to all of the outlets.  Paul decided that he wanted to move the picnic table to a better location within the table area, so he grabbed onto it and pulled.  Well….wouldn’t you know, it moved directly on to his big toe.  I hear him yell and go running round the corner just in time to see him hold his foot up in the air dripping blood.  I run for the first aid kit and try to fix the mess.  I got him all cleaned up, bandaged and inside with his foot up and then that left me to finish hooking up the White Knight.  Boy, am I glad I pay attention!


Onward to St Augustine.  Thankfully the “Oldest City” is only 3 miles from the KOA, and Paul’s toe didn’t swell so much that he was able to put on shoes.  We took the motorcycle into the city on Saturday.  It was really, really crowded, but we managed to find a place to park so we could walk around.  We discovered gourmet popcorn…wow!!  I also managed to pick up hot sauce for the guys at work.  I love mild hot sauce, and the guys at work are always using it, so I went to the Pepper Palace and got several bottles.  I also got some Budweiser BBQ sauce for Paul to try.  I made the mistake of buying too much for the saddle bags, so we went cruising out of the city with me holding a bag of “stuff” on my lap!  I really need to remember to pay attention to what I buy when we are on the bike!!

2014-05-10 14.22.24This is one of the lion statues on the Bridge of Lions.  They are on the west side of the bridge, facing the city.  Lot’s of history here, but I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures.  The next post will take you on our journey to the winery and distillery.  Mmmmmm!!



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The coolest “toad” ever!

Every year, at the park next to my station, there is an antique car show. It’s a huge show and I have friends that enter their antique cars, but this one is the coolest ever!  We saw this in traffic, so we followed it to the park.  I can imagine that it is a little disconcerting to have an Ambulance following you through traffic and across a parking lot, but I just had to get this picture!

2014-03-21 15.48.29

I didn’t have time to meet the owner; so if, by chance, they see this….thank you for making my day!!

Paul and I joke about getting a Smart car and putting it on a trailer, but we agree that this wins!!


It’s been a while since I posted anything, we haven’t done much with the White Knight.  We did get a few new things for him, but we won’t be going anywhere for about another month.   I am getting ready to do some remodeling (remember the border print in the bedroom???)  so I will post after that is done.





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Palm Beach, FL…home of sculptured hedges.


We took a day trip yesterday, to Palm Beach.   Not West Palm Beach or the generic Palm Beach County, but to the Town of Palm Beach.  This was for a luncheon at Testa’s Restaurant put on by the University of New England (my alma mater) on their swing through Florida that they do about every 2 years.  Paul and I had eaten at Testa’s in Bar Harbor, ME a couple of years ago and had wanted to try their Florida restaurant, so this was a good opportunity.  It was a nice luncheon, we talked about many aspects of the UNE campus that are being improved, students, financial aid and the opening of the new campus in Tangiers, Morocco.

After lunch Paul and I decided to take a drive around Palm Beach, to see how the other half lives!  We saw so many landscaping crews pruning the hedges, so I decided to take some pictures…

2014-02-05 13.54.13 2014-02-05 13.58.11 2014-02-05 13.54.21 2014-02-05 13.57.15 2014-02-05 13.57.20 2014-02-05 13.57.26 2014-02-05 13.54.06

I thought the hedges were pretty funny, but I really liked the concrete wall with built in planters and the purple plants.  I would have taken more pictures, but if you stop, people start asking questions.  It was also raining, but at least everything looked really green!

We also saw a boat we kinda liked.  We jokingly thought we might like one just like it…

2014-02-05 14.01.47

So after all that, we left the Island (what the Town of Palm Beach is referred to) and entered civilization…

2014-02-05 14.09.23   ARGHHHHHHH….



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Procrastination and Karma

I have been procrastinating about posting about the trip to Frog Creek, so Karma got me…I am sitting here with a wicked case of sinusitis, so I am resigned to sitting in my chair and I am not going to procrastinate any longer!  Here goes…….

2014-01-19 11.00.36 2014-01-19 11.15.25 2014-01-22 11.45.33


Frog Creek RV Resort and Campground is in Palmetto, FL, on the Gulf of Mexico.  It is an interesting place!  When we first got there we were assigned a spot in the front of the park where the long term people live (think sardines).  Paul was told he would have to take the bike off the trailer and then pay for a storage spot for the trailer.  He had told them when he made the reservations that we had a 10′ open trailer and there was no mention of a storage fee.  They said they could accommodate us in the Primitive Area, there would be water and electricity but no sewer.  They have daily pump outs, so not a big deal.  Fortunately, he was directed to the site…anyone that has read this blog knows that I can’t read an RV park map to save my life!  The site was beautiful, uneven but beautiful.  It took until the next day to get it properly level.  But guess what?  Internet access in the far edge of the park was non-existent.  I tried, but it just wouldn’t reach that far!  Not a big deal, it will just make this post longer!

2014-01-21 12.32.31

Sasha had a blast!  The dog park was in sight of our site.  If she had been trustworthy, I would have let her go over on her own!  Just kidding!  She made so many friends;  Bailey Rae, Bella, Otis and so on and so on.  She was a social butterfly, which was nice because when we would leave during the day to explore the area, she would visit with her friends when we got back.  Something to look forward to I guess.  Speaking of friends, we made several too.  Bailey Rae and Bella’s mom and dad were right behind us.  We got talking and they told up that they will be staying at Jetty Park at the Port in February.  We will meet them for a visit while they are in our neighborhood.

One of the places that we went was Anna Maria Island.  Since we were in a cold snap, it was kinda cold on the bike, but we stopped at Lobstahs for a late lunch.  Great restaurant, the Lobstah Mac and Cheese was soooo good and soooo rich!  We also went to the Manatee Viewing Center another day.  Because of the temperature being so low, the manatee’s were gathered in the channel next to the Tampa Bay Power Plant.  There were close to 30 of them and they put on quite a show.

2014-01-21 14.48.42This is my manatee friend…he was the only one we were allowed to have contact with!

We really enjoyed our stay at Frog Creek.  They had a lot going on, activity wise, including breakfast a couple of mornings that we were there.  They also had pool activities, not that I would venture into an outdoor pool this time of year.  I don’t care how heated it is!!!  We will definitely go back, and some of our new friends gave us the names of several other pet friendly RV parks similar to Frog Creek that are in a day’s drive from home.


First Aid Kit, circa 1966

I remembered today that I wanted to check the First Aid kit in the White Knight.  It the last thing remaining from the previous owners.  Well, being a Paramedic, I think I have a good handle on what makes up a usable First Aid kit.  I opened the box and 1966 came out!  First, the smell…..ewwwwwww!!  I had to pry most of the cardboard boxes out, they were stuck to the metal box.  I found some really interesting items, like a tin of 5grain aspirin, a shrink wrapped road flare and a bunch of dried out smelling salts!  I had a smaller kit that I tore apart and with that and what I could salvage from the kit shown, I managed to put together a decent kit.  So….if you are nearby and need medical help, consider me ready to help!!!

2014-01-16 14.51.12

This is right after I took everything out.  Most went straight to the trash, some parts were salvageable.  Paul thought maybe it would interest a collector, but the smell was enough to throw that idea out!

I know it was 1966 because it had paperwork and instruction manuals with that date on it.  That was a longgggg time ago!


2014-01-16 16.56.59   Isn’t it pretty???  And it doesn’t smell anymore.

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A shameless plug~

A little background to this plug;

My parents loved Black and White Frappes more than just about anything.  They were easy to find in Maine, just about any soda shop or lunch counter had them.  After my mom died, my dad would spend winters with me in Florida.  He found one place that had Black and White’s but it didn’t last long and he passed away before he could find more of them.   My goal now is to find them wherever I go and have one in their memory.  Well…this summer I found Black and White Frappes that my dad would love!  Yup, the now famous Wahlburgers!  This is the restaurant owned by the Wahlburg family, in the Hingham Shipyard south of Boston.  The reason it’s a shameless plug is that they have an A&E show starting next Wednesday.  It’s all about the restaurant and it should be really neat to watch.


Back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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And it changed again!

During the month, I have been following the Zero to Hero project with WordPress.  One of the days the exercise was to look at different themes.  I tried a new one, and after about 3 days I decided it wasn’t for me.  So….I changed it again, and this time I think I have it.  I also added widgets to the sidebar which I couldn’t (or didn’t know how to) do with the bright colored theme.  In writing this blog, it had to feel right or I wouldn’t want to bother writing.

I have a couple of other posts on my mind, but they will have to wait as we are preparing for my birthday trip.  I’ll be back soon!

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The windows are DONE!!




101_0937 101_0938



101_0939 101_0940

What a difference it makes.  Those old nasty window “things” are finally gone and clean crisp curtains are now up.  I love how they look, and once I got a sewing machine and some fabric, it was a piece of cake!  Paul is happy too…no more fiberboard showing.   Since I was on a roll, I made a shower cover.  Originally, there was a shower curtain over the accordion door, but like everything else, it was old and nasty.  I had an additional piece of fabric, so I quickly whipped up a covering for the door.


Simple and to the point!

We are now getting ready to leave for my birthday…I need another project…any suggestions?



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